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Time Differences:

New Zealand Standard Time is ahead of the worlds major cities by the following:

20 Hours
17 Hours
12 Hours
11 Hours
6.5 Hours
5 Hours
4.5 Hours
4 Hours
3 Hours
2 Hours
Los Angeles
New York
Paris, Berlin
Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong

So for your next filming project don’t hesitate to contact New Zealand’s premiere line service production company, Shoot New Zealand.


Filming in New Zealand has some obvious advantages that further aid in the success of television commercial filming right off the bat. Shoot New Zealand as New Zealand’s first line production company excels in putting together a package tailored to your specific shoots needs utilizing our long industry experience and know how, coupled with the following intrinsic benefits:


The New Zealand Dollar is the local currency and is favorable to most offshore currencies. See the following website for up to date rates against your own currency:

Power Supply:

New Zealand operates on 230 Volts power supply. Shoot New Zealand will supply you with all necessary power adaptors and converters.


All offshore cast and crew are legally required to have been issued a temporary work visa by the NZ Immigration Service before entering the country. This can be done in the offshore production companies home country, however Shoot New Zealand can aid in this process by obtaining all relevant paperwork required and most visa applications take 3-5 working days. Agency and client are not required to obtain a working visa and can enter on a holiday visa upon entering the country.


New Zealand drives on the left hand side of the road, however when filming car/road specific television commercials, permits for road closures are easily obtained and the reverse side of the road can be used for broadcast in the countries where the right hand side is relevant.

Climate and Seasons:

New Zealand’s seasons are the reverse to that of the Northern Hemisphere, in other words when it’s beautiful warm and summery for the northern hemisphere it is crisp snow capped mountains in New Zealand! This has advantages in terms of shooting out of season, obtaining crops, fruits in season are all achievable when filming in New Zealand.

New Zealand has very warm clear summers with long sunlight hours and high temperatures, through to mild/cold snowy winters with snow capped alps in the South Island and crisp clear days and green rolling meadows.

For a brief snapshot of the current weather in New Zealand visit this website:



New Zealand is a country of broad demographic cross section, and possesses a large array of acting/talent in its main city centers. When filming television commercials Shoot New Zealand works with a large number of top quality casting agencies and has access to professional actors, international models and a great selection of extras.

Buy outs are very competitive internationally and rates are flexible specific to the project.


New Zealand’s long history and involvement in film making has founded an immensely strong and capable base of film crews. The main centers of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown offer the main crew base and are extremely competent and passionate about attaining the √ęshot’. Crews normally operate on a 10 hour shoot day over a 6 day week, with penalty rates for the 7th day and public holidays. Shoot New Zealand can however negotiate with our crews for longer more specific shoots, for example to maximize our long daylight hours in the summer.

Equipment and Post Production:

Shoot New Zealand has at its disposal the latest film equipment your film project will need, everything from 35mm cameras in both Arriflex and Panavision, 16mm cameras, HD cameras for the digital options, a broad range of stills cameras, gyro stabilized heads, steadicams, techno cranes, tracking vehicles, helicopters and mounts, the list is never ending!

Wellington is regarded as New Zealand’s film hub and possesses internationally renowned post production facilities, largely thanks to the foresight of kiwi film legend, Peter Jackson. These post facilities in Auckland and Wellington offer 35 and 16mm telecine transfer options, grading, off and on line editing, animation and all rushes transfers in most cases next day delivery.